The Tarot is an ancient metaphysical system using 78 cards with rich and detailed illustrations and symbols. Each drawn card serves as a metaphor to address aspects of your life or to respond to a question you ask. An experienced Tarot reader interprets the array of cards and how they correlate to each other, offering you an assessment of what is going on in your life at this moment and a snapshot of what may be coming your way. Sometimes when we are facing challenges in our lives, a Tarot reading can allow us to see what is happening in a different way. Getting a Tarot reading around a birthday, at the beginning of the new year or any momentous time in your life is a wonderful gift to give yourself to see what may be surfacing just around the corner.

I have had Tarot readings my whole life and the one from Karen was the most through and accurate I've ever gotten. I had it on my birthday and asked about the year ahead. All that she saw for my future has come true. This is pretty amazing because I have made some very big changes in my life which I could not have anticipated. I highly recommend her services.
~R Bruce

The Tarot session I had with Karen was probably the best one I’ve had in my life. I got some amazing cards, and she interpreted them for me so that they illuminated many aspects of my life. Karen has a real gift in helping people gain more perspective on their life situations, and she does it with humor, insight, and wisdom!
~Emily Nelson

A Tarot reading will help you consider your challenges, introduce new perspective and support you to discover or confirm your own inner wisdom. You can choose to follow the indicators or set out on another path—either could be life-changing. By affirming your own intuition, Tarot encourages you to consciously choose your direction.

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