Rituals and Ceremonies

For centuries, we humans have used rituals and ceremonies to mark events in our lives. From births to deaths and everything in-between, we have been influenced by such things as our history, cultural traditions and folklore, our spiritual beliefs, our imagination and creativity to establish countless rites to formalize important life events, entice the senses and reveal our inner wisdom.

Today, we have many wonderful and amazing tools to help us create meaningful rituals in our lives - ceremonies with deeper meaning that will ensure us irreplaceable memories.

For example, while the wedding is a ceremony that most people have attended, designing your own wedding ceremony is a rich and rewarding experience that enhances meaning and pleasure for all who participate. A birthday celebration is another event that takes on added meaning when you add unique ceremonial elements that are shared with family and friends. Baby blessing is a sweet and lovely ritual in which a family can acknowledge their profound gift of a new life (and babies have been known to contribute their own magic to these ceremonies).

Karen beautifully blessed my son as we celebrated his coming into the world. We have a family with very diverse personalities and religious backgrounds, and I can say each was touched by her words, and the wonderfully crazy lot of us all felt a little closer having shared in my son's blessing ceremony. She is incredibly adaptable and even managed to add in a quick «please the parents certified» wedding for my husband and I the same day. No higher recommendation can be given.
~Leah Johnson

Karen officiated at our wedding ten years ago. She helped us develop our vision for a ceremony that was both spiritual for us and very inclusive of all of our guests. She worked with us in planning the ceremony including rituals that were meaningful to us as well as to our more traditional family members. She had a wonderful, spiritual and celebratory demeanor during the ceremony which we all enjoyed. To this day people tell us how much they loved our wedding, especially the service.
~ Carmel Infusino and John Cotter

You can add energy and dimension to your own life by ritualizing other turning points and passages: honoring the seasons, observing personal passages such as separation or divorce, moving into a new home, starting a new career, menopause, survival from serious illness or injury - or anything else that is meaningful to you can become a ritual or ceremony. From a simple idea, you can arrange a commemoration that you will remember for a lifetime.

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