Massage - Bodywork Therapy

Massage therapy has been part of human touch forever. Cultures all over the world consider massage to be a basic element of health and healing. In India, infants are massaged within the first few days after birth.

Karen has been my massage therapist for almost 20 years. She is fabulous and a wonderful soul to boot. One hour with Karen and you feel like you have been on a vacation for a month!
~Beth Krummenacher

Our body goes through so many changes as we age. Giving ourselves the gift of regular massage allows our blood and lymphatic system to circulate and energizes our muscles to move in restorative ways. The skin is our largest eliminative organ, and certainly massage helps eliminate toxins and promotes sloughing of dead cells to allow new ones to thrive. Massage not only benefits our overall health, it feels great.

Over the past decade, Karen Cappa, the woman with the magic touch, has been my massage therapist. In all truth, I really wouldn't want to be cared for by another. With her winning combination of intuition, healing touch, a loving heart and a delicious sense of humor, my monthly sessions with Karen perfectly refill my energy tanks, tickle my funny bone and soothe my soul.
~Cathleen Springer, Certified Homeopath

There are a range of massage styles to choose from:

I have been working with Karen for over 10 years and the quality of her work is great. I feel like I get a different massage every time I'm there depending on what my body needs. Her knowledge of Body and Spirit sets her above everyone else I've worked with.
~Gary Parodi, E.A.

Karen has been giving me massage therapy for many years. Her knowledgable touch and caring attitude has helped me heal from various injuries; broken bones, athletic strains and 4 months of a back and hip injury. Not only has she helped my recovery process through massage, but has also given me advice on various stretches and strength building exercises I could incorporate into my daily routine that have assisted me in staying healthy. She helps to keeps me active and pain free!
~Karen Bash - Artist and Teacher

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