Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective way we can access our subconscious mind to see our life unfold before us, often inspiring us to make desired changes without spending years trying to find answers to deep-seated issues.

With talk therapy, we use our conscious mind to answer questions and recall events. With hypnosis, we give our conscious mind a break and permit our subconscious to steer us—with complete access to our memories and experiences.

Karen creates a safe, magical and playful environment for each of the modalities she provides. Her sense of humor keeps one from treating life too seriously. I especially appreciate Karen for how present she is during a hypnotherapy session. I am very grateful to have experienced the ceremonies and rituals I have participated in with Karen. All of these experiences have helped me over the last several years embrace a new awareness of my connection with Mother Earth.
~Diana Gushulak Body Work Therapy, Healer

To begin, you are completely at ease while lying on a massage table in a comfortable position. The therapist gently leads you into a state of deep relaxation, guiding you through a progression of mental imagery designed to help you gain insights into any issues you are facing. You are clear-headed, able to speak and will be able to remember everything that is relevant to your experience. This process can lead you to make changes in your everyday life that can become permanent. A minimum of two sessions is recommended for continuity; most people experience positive results in a few sessions.

Karen's hypnotherapy and bodywork have been wonderful in helping me integrate and progress aspects of my growth and healing. She provides a beautiful healing environment and masterful use of intuition, guidance and empowerment.
~Laurie Cahoon Accupuncturist, Zero Balancer, Teacher

Hypnosis can help address concerns that are common in all walks of life. Harmful habitual patterns related to quitting or stopping smoking, overcoming phobias, and sleeping and eating problems can all be resolved through hypnosis. Many times, our subconscious mind will show us what may be triggering our behavior so we are better able to clear the issue and move on. Childhood traumas and wounding that have lingered under the surface can gently be addressed to allow healing and releasing of these old traumas. When we are needing to bring relaxation into our daily life, hypnosis can be the key to allow our whole being to calm down and let go. Magical things can happen when we can see more clearly inside ourselves and overcome our fears and negative patterns to enjoy mental, physical and emotional freedom.

Karen Cappa has been an integral part of my health care for many years now. The hypnotherapy sessions I've had with her have helped me get in touch with some childhood wounds that lingered just under my conscious awareness. I've experienced integration and wholeness at an emotional level that I am very grateful for.
~Jean Grant-Sutton Director-BodyWorks-Integrative Yoga and Stress Management Center

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